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Posted on: March 18, 2011 2:07 am

carlos gonzalez full season 2.0

Lets put out the predictions for 2011. Cool

i think im going out on a limb:

some sites have him taking a few steps back and calling his 2010 a career year. cargo reportedly gained 22 pounds in the offseason. that was his checkin weight during the start of camp when they reported. Dont shy away though. It appears he is the #1 Outfielder for 2011. Matt Kemp who was ranked #2 in 2010 was a complete bust. Can cargo do it back to back you ask. I am not fully sold but i think if he stays healthy he can actually go 40/40.

when asked before the 2010 season if he would be 40/40, cargo replied "the home runs will come", he belted 34 HR in 2010. 6 shy from 40. The home runs did come, cargo was confident and not worried. That is a sign of a player who knows he will get his long balls.

heres the predictors:

bill james: 101 R 28HR 101 RBI 22SB .307

bill james has him missing a few games due to injury. common for a guy with less history. cargo missed a few games because of his uncles death and a hand injury in 2010.

other sites have him 90R 31 HR 109 RBI 24 SB .299

In the 3 hole behind fowler and Ian Stewart ( sometimes Todd Helton who might bat in the 2 hole) I think Cargo will have more than 100 RBI

my prediction is

114 R 38 HR 112RBI 33 SB .310AVG. Why .310? he batted .363 after the all star break in 2010. He could do .350-.360 after the all star break again.

will the extra pounds wear him down? I think right now  the answer is no. but possibly late sept it might show. He doesn't actually look any bigger. He looks like AROD from the left side. Will Cargo be AROD? eventually I think the comparisions kick in because Cargo will be AROD without the JUICE. Cargo will eventually get 40/40. It is a matter if he wants to be in the select group. Barry bonds once stole 12 bags in less than a month to go to join that group.

6-7 HR a month for cargo if he stays healthy. that is my prediction. 5-6 SB a month.
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