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Posted on: March 31, 2011 5:47 am

Let the MLB season begin and the injuries too.

It is opening day march 31st 2011, and offically the start of america's pastime. The rosters of all the teams are ridden with injuries already. Teams seem to have at least 2-3 guys on the disabled list before the season has started. The injuries in the first 3 weeks of this upcoming season may or may not lead to your favorite team being in contention or out of contention for a playoff spot.

Teams that have the most worries so far have to be the Philadelphia Phillies who have 2 all stars on the DL, Chase Utley who played just 115 games of a knee injury. Before spring training started Vegas was packed with bets saying the phillies would win it all a 13/4odds front runner. Now it has regressed. The phillies were also a favorite to win more than 96 games, now they're a favorite to win less than 96 games.

The Giants have Cody Ross (NLCS MVP) and Brian Wilson to start on the DL. Barry Zito, expected to pitch this weekend just got injuried in an auto accident.

Top 5 players on the list to be concerned about

5. Cleveland CF Grady Sizemore » He has played a combined 139 games the past two seasons and underwent microfracture surgery on his knee last year.

4. Milwaukee P Zack Greinke » The Brewers' top offseason acquisition

3. Brian wilson RP Giants

2. Philadelphia closer Brad Lidge » The Phillies will need Jose Contreras for the start of the season, Lidge timetable is 3-6 weeks.

1. Philadelphia 2B Chase Utley » Depending if he plays more games than Chipper Jones could be the difference between the phillies/braves winning the division.


The team with the least amount of injuries are the minnesota Twins, but have two players coming back from injury, Joe Nathan and Justin Morneau. The Twins will start the season without any players on the DL.

Let the injuries begin. It seems like this will be the year of the injury. Hope for the best, prepare for the unexpected. Your fantasy team will take a major hit sooner or later.

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