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Posted on: May 24, 2010 1:09 am

jose bautista 2011 and 2010 season... 14 HR +

jose bautista 2011 and 2010 season... 14 HR +
LOOMING FOR A NEW CONTRACT, jose bautista has already surpassed his estimates.

He already has 14 HR, 38 RBI and it is only may 23rd.
If you came across His current numbers and had to name next to the numbers you would think the .238 average, high BB and High K would be That of "CARLOS PENA OF THE Rays"
Just batting .238 He is looking like Carlos Pena, a Native of The Dominican Republic.
BAUTISTA signed a 1 year 2.4 million deal Just before Dec 13 giving the Bluejays depth at 3B, 1B and OF. The deal is looking like a genius plan because Bautista has started in every game of the season and produced well thus far. In fantasy corners they are comparing him to Luke Scott, TY WIGGINGTON. HOWEVER, his numbers suggest that of a CARLOS PENA, David Ortiz production thus far.
BILL JAMES predicted a 2010 season of 13 HR 48 RBI in 121 games.
CHONE 15 HR 51 RBI w. a .230 average.
I predicted bigger numbers than both of those, however my revised estimates believe that JOSE BAUSTISTA is playing for a new contract, one which could be a 3-4year deal anywhere from 7-10 million a season.
It all depends on his numbers for 2010 season, one which he could see 650 plus plate appearances.
He could easily finish the season with 35 HR 110 RBI and 90BB and a huge contract come January. A rolex to cito, hitting coach and bench coach...
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